Custom Synthesis and Toll Manufacturing

Since our inception Equinox Chemicals has been a custom synthesis and toll manufacturing company.  Since 2003 Equinox Chemicals has served the below industries in custom synthesis and toll manufacturing.

  • Food, Flavor and Fragrance (Kosher Certified)
  • Renewables
  • Electronics Grade Materials
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Petrochemicals (Additives and Lubricants)
  • Aerospace
  • Cosmetics
  • Plant extracts

Our experience in a wide variety of industries gives us a significant advantage of other toll manufacturers in having the knowledge to properly achieve your targeted objectives.  We have experience with the below chemistries. For more information and to discuss your next project please contact us.

Chemistry Experience and Competency



Acetylene Ethanol Production and Extractions
Bromination Chlorination
Grignard Hydrogenation
Esterification Sulfonation
1,4‐addition to unsaturated carbonyls Oxidation
Epoxidation Hantzsch reactions
Metal halogen exchange Catalytic Reductions
Cyclodehydration Acid chloride generation