Commercialization and Product Development

Equinox Chemicals offer commercialization and process product development for all of our customers should they choose to utilize this add on service.  This is our full circle in addition to manufacturing or blending your material but also assisting you how to  commercialize your product into the marketplace.  We offer the below in our full circle option to assist you with taking your next product to market.

Equinox Chemicals Commercialization
Equinox Chemicals Commercialization
  • Product and market research estimating sales volumes and anticipated customer base
  • Label creation and packaging recommendations
  • Custom filling services both dry and wet materials
  • Warehousing and drop shipping of products
  • Product scale up from bench top to commercial scale
  • Product cost estimates through entire product cycle

For more information please contact us.  All request are kept entirely confidential and non disclosure agreements are available.  We take customer privacy with the utmost importance.