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Equinox Chemicals was established in 2003 in Albany, Georgia USA originally as a toll manufacturer of various chemicals used in the Pharma and Flavor industry. Since that time Equinox Chemicals has expanded its workforce and capabilities to service various markets and products in the United States and abroad. We have grown from a small chemical toll manufacturing facility to one of the leaders in Custom Contract manufacturing, process development and optimization as well as product commercialization. Please feel free to navigate through our website to review our markets and services. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.  Our current areas of focus are below, please click the appropriate link for more information

Equinox Chemicals is founded on the principle of pure synthesis. Bringing together a breadth of in-house experience for the preparation of organic molecules, state of the art facilities, a demonstrated commitment to technical excellence and delivering above customer’s expectations has given us a unique competitive edge in a challenging marketplace. We have extensive knowledge and practice working with unique and demanding molecular architectures in the laboratory, and have the resources and confidence to bring the most difficult projects to fruition.

A collection of highly skilled staff members take on projects utilizing a team based approach, both with the customer and in our laboratories. Our company has the skills necessary to move a project forward around the clock to meet a customer’s critical deadline. Here at Equinox, we strive to keep the customer informed from proposal, through project execution, and finally, product delivery.

We maintain Kosher Certifications

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